Soundtrack/Score Episode 1 / Join this FEDCON lecture with interaction
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1. August 2021
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26. September 2021

FedCon 29 | Vortrag | Soundtrack/Filmmusik Episode 1

Whether movies or series, the right music is an important building block for the medium. Semir Ayar wants to talk shop with fans about this in his presentation Soundtrack / Score Episode 1 at FedCon 32. A relaxed Q&A with interaction (music examples as well as “soundtrack guessing”) is planned.

Lecturer: Semir Ayar
Duration: 60 min  -  The Lecture will be held in: german
Semir Ayar calls himself a fan like all the other representatives from the large fandom community. His special topic is soundtracks. In this area, the enthusiastic music fan has acquired a lot of expertise over the years.

For MagicCon, FedCon and CCON | COMIC CON STUTTGART, Semir is on duty in the technical team and ensures, among other things, that actors and fans always get the right music delivered.

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