The big Scientist Roundtable - FEDCON Special
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21. January 2024
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20. February 2024

FedCon 32 | Specials | Der große Scientist-Roundtable

It’s no news in fandom that many young sci-fi geeks and nerds pursue a career in science. But what motivates people to honour their love of Star Trek, Star Wars and other franchises in the form of research papers and lectures, or even to do a doctorate on relevant topics? These and other questions will be answered by electrical engineer and Star Trek expert Hubert Zitt, biologist and science journalist Bettina Wurche and media and literary scholar Rebecca Haar in an exciting panel about Mr Spock, Captain Picard, the Force and their passion for fantasy itself.

Moderated by author and media journalist Reinhard Prahl, the academics will be tracing an arc that begins in their youth and continues to this day with numerous appearances at FedCon and other events that are as exciting as they are informative and entertaining, even for die-hard fans.

Answers to questions from the audience are just as much a part of the panel as funny anecdotes, facts worth knowing and an insight into the minds of the panellists.

Lecturer: Dr.-Ing. Hubert Zitt, Dr. Rebecca Haar, Bettina Wurche, Reinhard Prahl (Moderation)
Duration: 60 min  -  The Lecture will be held in: german

Dr Rebecca Haar is a media and literary scholar whose research interests include artificial intelligence, simulations and virtual worlds, which she also wrote her doctorate on. She regularly gives informative and exciting talks at FedCon.

Bettina Wurche holds a degree in biology and studied zoology, fisheries science and geology/paleontology in Hamburg. In addition to her specialisms, however, her passion is science fiction. Her lectures are also a regular fixture at FedCon.

The electrical engineer and computer scientist Dr Hubert Zitt is almost a "living fixture" at FedCon and has been explaining the connections between science fiction and real technology to fans in an entertaining and humorous way for many years. It is not for nothing that his name sometimes appears in connection with the nickname "Dr Trek".

Reinhard Prahl is a media and science journalist whose articles have appeared in numerous print and online media since 1999. He is also co-author of the popular "Star Trek Chronik", the "Akte X Chronik" and the non-fiction books "Es lebe Firefly" and "Es lebe Captain Future".

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