Pod logbook, stardate: centre - FEDCON with Trek am Dienstag
The big Scientist Roundtable
19. February 2024

FedCon 32 | Specials | Pod-Logbuch - Sternzeit: Mitte

Trek am Dienstag (Trek on Tuesday) is an almost 14-year podcast journey through classic Star Trek.

Every week, Simon and Sebastian turn a Star Trek episode on its head and give it a good shake. The two podcasters present the results in a detailed, affectionate, irreverent manner and with plenty of making-of information.

When the spaceship “Trek am Dienstag” took off in April 2017, the two Tadderiches had no idea that they would become Germany’s most popular podcast in the “Classic Star Trek” sector – and above all that they would be able to keep up their crazy mission. But thanks to their fantastic community, they reached the exact halfway point of their odyssey in April 2024 after 363 uninterrupted Trek Tuesdays and celebrated the occasion with a small stage tour in Dortmund and Frankfurt.

At FedCon 32, “Trek am Dienstag” will present selected highlights and exclusive deleted scenes from their current programme. So: set your phasers to fun and spend a crazy hour with the TaD family, because that’s when Jean goes crazy in the pan!

Lecturer: Podcast Trek am Dienstag
Duration: 60 min  -  The Lecture will be held in: german

The creator and co-host of Trek am Dienstag is Sebastian Göttling. He was born in 1978, is a freelance journalist and podcaster, lives with his cat in Lüdenscheid and has been a passionate Star Trek fan since he saw his very first Next Generation episode on ZDF on Saturday 9 March 1991. In the early to mid-nineties, he recorded the daily Trek episode on VHS (with the commercial breaks edited out, of course). Later, he collected the sinfully expensive British videos, watched them over and over again and attended over twenty conventions with his fan friends since 1997 (Federation Con 5! William Shatner!).

Simon Fistrich sits at the other microphone. He lives in Nuremberg, was born in 1979 and was a journalist and video producer in the games industry for many years. He later organised conferences for video game developers and managed the digital division of a publishing house. Today he works for a regional media company. In the 1990s, he often found it very important to talk to Sebastian about yesterday's Star Trek episode instead of attending physics lessons. Simon has never let go of his fascination with Star Trek.

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