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15. January 2024
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FedCon 32 | Vortrag | Star Wars: Die reale Macht

Where did George Lucas actually get his ideas for the principle of the Force in his “Star Wars” saga?

In this lecture by Thorsten Walch, the real background to the philosophy of the magical Force with its light and dark sides will be discussed.

These naturally lie in Christianity, which has characterised the creator of the saga since his childhood. But he was also influenced by Far Eastern religions and ways of thinking, led by Buddhism, which was hugely popular in the United States in the 1960s, as well as the mystical teachings of the indigenous Yaqui shaman Don Juan Matus, who became famous through the books of author Carlos Castaneda. All of this played a major role in Lucas’ creation of his own cinematic teachings, which continue throughout the saga even after his active involvement has ended.

Lecturer: Thorsten Walch
Duration: 60 min  -  The Lecture will be held in: german

Thorsten Walch is an author, journalist and translator. In addition to the book "Es lebe Star Wars", published by In Farbe und Bunt in 2019, he is also co-author of the now five-volume "Star Trek Chronik" (together with Björn Sülter and Reinhard Prahl) as well as "Es lebe Captain Future" and "Es lebe Firefly" together with Reinhard Prahl from the same publishing house.

Walch also writes for print magazines such as Geek! Magazine, Star Wars: The Official Magazine, TV Series Highlights and FedCon Insider, as well as contributing to websites such as www.planettrek.de and www.serienjunkies.de. He is very interested in the real-life backgrounds of his favourite film and series universes.

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