FEDCON: Sci-Fi - Symphony & Sound Design - Lecture
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13. January 2024
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15. January 2024

FedCon 32 | Vortrag | Sci-Fi - Sinfonie & Sounddesign

Why is that Sci-Fi? – Synphonics & Sound Design

What do alien worlds sound like? What makes an exciting soundtrack musically? What different possibilities do composers use to transport us to distant galaxies and how does it all affect us and why?

Semir Ayar and Tiffany Gauger address these exciting questions in a joint discussion.

From symphonic film music and Nono futurism to electronic music and sound design. From Jerry Goldsmith to John Williams and Hans Zimmer, from Dune to Tron, the pair will take a brief look at the world of sound and share their knowledge with each other. Of course, Star Wars and Star Trek are not to be missed. Look forward to a friendly and informative exchange of blows! We don’t yet know exactly where it will all lead!

So: Drop by and listen!

Lecturer: Tiffany Gauger, Semir Ayar
Duration: 60 min  -  The Lecture will be held in: german

Tiffany Gauger

The classical soprano and singing teacher has been on stage from an early age. She gained a wealth of experience in the areas of musicals/shows and studio work. Since graduating from the Mainz University of Music and Performing Arts, she has worked as a freelance opera singer. In addition to engagements at the theatre, she can be heard in numerous solo programmes. Her repertoire includes opera, operetta, chanson and musicals.

She is also a successful singing teacher. From 2018-2021 she taught singing at the "Musical Arts Academy Mainz", and headed the singing department there from 2020-2021. Since 2022 she has been running her own singing school "StimmDich Speyer".

Semir Ayar

Semir Ayar describes himself as one of many fans from the large fandom community. He specialises in soundtracks and film music. Over the years, the enthusiastic music fan has acquired a great deal of expertise in this area.

For MagicCon, FedCon and CCON | COMIC CON STUTTGART, Semir has been part of the technical team for several years now, ensuring that actors and fans are always provided with the right music.

Sources & additional links for Sci-Fi – Symphony & Sound Design:

Website (Tiffany),

Instagram (Tiffany),

Facebook (Semir)


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