FEDCON: Aliens in Star Trek and other SF films - Lecture
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11. February 2024
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13. February 2024

FedCon 32 | Vortrag | Aliens in Star Trek und anderen SF-Filmen

Many science fiction films feature aliens. Both familiar or alien biological life forms and androids, i.e. robots with artificial intelligence. From a pragmatic point of view, the aliens are often portrayed as human-like because the actors are human. With today’s possibilities, however, aliens can also be animated, which has led to us seeing more and more alien-like bodies in new science fiction films. This applies equally to biological and artificial life forms, although the latter are sometimes depicted as disembodied.

In his lecture, Hubert Zitt will look at various forms of life and bodies in science fiction films. Their characteristics and abilities such as anatomy, locomotion, communication, intelligence, consciousness and reproduction will be discussed in an entertaining and humorous way using film clips. In the case of artificial life forms, the speaker will go one step further and venture a comparison between science fiction and current developments in our real world.

Lecturer: Dr.-Ing. Hubert Zitt
Duration: 60 min  -  The Lecture will be held in: german

Dr.-Ing. Hubert Zitt studied electrical engineering and works as a lecturer in the computer science programme at Kaiserslautern University of Applied Sciences on the Zweibrücken campus. In addition to his "normal" teaching activities, Hubert Zitt has become known throughout Germany (and beyond) for his Star Trek lectures.

Together with Gene Roddenberry Jr, the son of the Star Trek inventor, Zitt wrote the foreword to the book "Star Trek in Deutschland" in 2008. In autumn 2008, he taught "Physics of Star Trek" as a regular course for an entire semester at a university in San Antonio, Texas.

In the meantime, Hubert Zitt has given almost 500 Star Trek lectures and participated in several television programmes about Star Trek. He has been a regular guest at FedCon since 2005 and was honoured by his agency "5-Star Speaker" with the "Most Extraordinary Speaker of the Year" award for 2012.

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