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12. March 2022
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18. March 2022

FedCon 30 | Specials | Die beste schlechteste Star Trek-Episode | Trek am Dienstag

Simon and Sebastian from the popular podcast “Trek am Dienstag” celebrate their live premiere at FedCon 30! They take you back to 1989, when one of the most infamous Star Trek episodes flickered across US TV screens: “Shades of Gray”, in which Riker suddenly falls ill and can only be cured by playing him old episodes.

How could it happen that such a thin story full of flashbacks was seriously aired? The story behind this episode is anything but thin. To name just a few of its protagonists: An aging Gene Roddenberry, his half-assed lawyer, grumpy producer Maurice Hurley, a months-long strike, and two busloads of writers who were put through the meat grinder during the first two years of Star Trek: The Next Generation.

In short, a comedic TV history lesson of the odd kind – with audience participation, because for us, this is also the sixth hour!

Lecturer: Simon Fistrich, Sebastian Göttling
Duration: 60 min  -  The Lecture will be held in: german
Simon Fistrich and Sebastian Göttling have hosted the popular podcast "Trek am Dienstag" for five years. It started in 2017 with a review of "The Man Trap", the very first Star Trek episode to air. (Although it actually started much earlier, as back in 1992 the two sat next to each other in physics class, talked animatedly about Star Trek instead of electronic parallel circuits, and became best friends).

Every Tuesday, Simon and Sebastian deal with a Star Trek episode, dissecting it scene by scene and adding lots of silliness and background information. Because the history of Star Trek is at least as exciting as Star Trek itself - and television history is more entertaining than you might think. Currently, "Trek am Dienstag" is set in 1993 and discusses the sixth season Star Trek: The Next Generation and the first season Star Trek: Deep Space Nine in parallel.

In the spring of 2031, Simon and Sebastian will reach the end of "Enterprise" and thereupon take up residence in an allotment colony.

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