CastBlast - the SciFi talk on Sunday at FEDCON in Bonn
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Diagnosis: Nerd
10. March 2022
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14. March 2022

FedCon 30 |Specials | CastBlast - der SciFi-Talk am Sonntag | Nerdizismus

Strong voices, strong opinions and lots of fun! That’s CastBlast, the con talk show with your favorite podcasters live on stage.

“Anne Will” for nerds, that’s what fans call the CastBlast. Every year, we at Nerdizismus invite the hottest German podcasters to discuss current and controversial topics from fandom. The debate show is predominantly dedicated to presenting nerdy topics with a focus on controversial nerd topics.

Be surprised what great podcast voices the Nerdizists have invited for you this year at FedCon 30 and stop by. The talk show will be presented by Chris and Michael.

For our podcast, we travel to conventions and many nerdy events with diverse panels and discussions to get fans and stars in front of the microphone. Most recently at FedCon and MagicCon in Bonn, CON | COMIC CON STUTTGART and many more.

As a podcast for nerd topics, we have been active and present online since the beginning of 2015 at, as well as on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. In currently 7 podcast formats with over 150 episodes so far, Chris, Michael and Anja discuss lively and passionate about everything that touches nerds with numerous guests, such as “Bernd, das Brot” creator Tommy Krappweis, bestselling author Andreas Eschbach, dubbing legend Hans-Georg Panzcak, cosplayer Liechee Cosplay or game expert Andreas Garbe from ZDF.

And in our Nerdplay series, Lea, Yvanna and Jenny from Hipster Fangirl Fashion bring everything about cosplay &. Co. to inquisitive listening ears. From Star Wars to Star Trek, from DC to Marvel, from cosplay to games, the nerdizists talk their way into the heart of the German nerd community.


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