Stargate Atlantis: Paul McGillion | FEDCON 29
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Rachel Luttrell
5. September 2019
FedCon 29 | Stargast | David Nykl
David Nykl
7. September 2019

Medical care at FedCon 29 is assured, as Paul McGillion from Stargate: Atlantis has announced his visit to the Maritim Hotel Bonn. In the first three seasons of the spin-off to Stargate SG-1 he played the leading role as chief physician Dr. Carson Beckett. For season 4 and 5 he returned to the series as clone in this role.

Paul McGillion was born in Scotland and grew up in Canada, where he taught acting in Toronto, among other places. He already gained his first experiences as an actor in 1994 in a episode of the mystery series The X-Files, until after several further engagements he made his first appearance in Stargate SG-1 (1997, episode 1×11). But here in another role.

Since then Paul McGillion could be seen in many series. His extensive filmography includes well-known productions like The Twilight Zone, Supernatural, Star Trek, 24, V, Fringe and The Flash.

So a lot of entertainment is guaranteed when Paul McGillion talks about his career on FedCon 29 stage. And how about an autograph, a photo shoot or an exclusive Meet & Greet? Tickets are available in the Ticket-Shop.

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