Stargate Atlantis: Rachel Luttrell | FEDCON 29
FedCon 29 | Stargast | Claudia Christian
Claudia Christian
28. August 2019
FedCon 29 | Stargast | Paul McGillion
Paul McGillion
6. September 2019

Stargate: Atlantis fans and all those who still want to be fans can look forward to Rachel Luttrell, who is expected to be a star guest at FedCon 29. In the SF series she starred as Teyla Emmagan, leader of the Athosians from the planet Athos and valuable ambassador in the SG team.

Rachell Luttrell has US and Tanzanian roots and started an artistic career very early. In addition to acting in films and series, she also enjoys being represented on the theater stage and convinces her audiences as a singer. The trained soprano singer sings for example in the 13th episode (“Critical Mass”, 2nd season of Stargate: Atlantis).

Series fans surely also know Rachel through her appearances in Charmed, ER, Navy CIS or Arrow. On the big screen she is represented in 2019 with a guest appearance in Zombieland 2. But the focus of her FedCon 29 visit is certainly her role in Stargate: Atlantis, into which she slipped about 100 times. Experience Rachel Luttrell live and secure your tickets right now – for Meet & Greet among others – in our Ticket-Shop.

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