Lecture: Climate change & climate crisis in SF at FEDCON
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FedCon 29 | Vortrag | Klimawandel & Klimakrise in SF | by Bettina Wurche

Climate crisis and climate change are now an urgent global problem and omnipresent topic.

Rising sea levels, acidification of the oceans, mass extinctions of species as well as droughts, violent hurricanes and floods are part of our everyday life and will continue to increase. What impact could the crisis have on the further development of humanity? Can technical developments still save us?

The topic has long since arrived in science fiction as well: Whether on Earth or other planets, whether terraforming, post-nuclear winter, astronomical catastrophe or man-made climate change, science fiction has long since played out all these scenarios.

Living with the climate catastrophe will be a complex social task for many generations. Science fiction offers a whole range of ideas for this, from calming to post-apocalyptic. Perhaps some of them can help us to better master this enormous task. The lecture Climate change & climate crisis in SF will be presented to you at FedCon 29 by Bettina Wurche.

Lecturer: Bettina Wurche
Duration: 50 min  -  The Lecture will be held in: german
The biologist and journalist Bettina Wurche is an avowed science fiction fan. With emphasis on "science"!

She works freelance for various media and institutions and writes the science blog meertext. Her favourite subjects are oceans and their inhabitants - from past, present or future times. Her specialty is science marketing: the generally understandable communication of scientific facts in lively texts, lectures and exhibitions. From her travels between the Arctic and Southern Ocean she has met hundreds of whales and other marine creatures. She likes to take terrestrial ecosystems of the past and present as examples of hypothetical habitats on other planets or moons.

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