Lecture: Androids in Star Trek at FEDCON
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FedCon 29 | Vortrag | Androiden bei Star Trek | by Dr. Rebecca Haar

The motif of the artificial human being is hardly to be imagined without in science fiction and especially in Star Trek. Robotics and artificial intelligence form a concept that represents an elementary part of the thought behind post- and transhumanism. Humanly connoted characteristics are combined with mechanical ones, which enable new narratives – also in the media – that always reflect the zeitgeist of an epoch. In Star Trek: The Next Generation, the 1980s and early 1990s, various aspects of the possible handling of different forms of androids are presented that are worth a deeper look.

The lecture Androids in Star Trek by Dr. Rebecca Haar at FedCon 29 will mainly deal with the Soong androids, how they act and react, but also how humans and other creatures deal with them: Can an android have a will of its own, to what extent is this will pronounced and how is society itself reflected in artificial humans and their handling of them as a self-sufficient and thinking life form? The main focus is on observations of Data and Lore as an unequal pair of brothers, but also Data’s “daughter” Lal, who even develops feelings due to a malfunction, shall be examined more closely. With Juliana Tainer, another motif of artificial humanity is taken up recently, because as Soong’s former wife she is not aware of her mechanical existence and considers herself human.

Lecturer: Dr. Rebecca Haar
Duration: 45 min  -  The Lecture will be held in: german
Dr. Rebecca Haar is a literary and media scientist who has always had a penchant for science fiction. She specializes in simulation and virtual worlds, which is also reflected in her dissertation published in 2019, which deals, among other things, with the question of how perception changes when virtual worlds and reality increasingly overlap in everyday life. Of course, one or two holodecks can be found there between cyberspace, metaverse and matrix.

For some time now, Rebecca Haar has also been giving lectures in which she combines literature and cultural studies with popular culture, especially comics, Star Trek and Doctor Who. In addition to conferences at universities, she has also lectured at conventions and festivals, including FedCon in Bonn, "TimeLash" in Kassel and the fantasy festival "Dragon Days" in Stuttgart.

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