Star Trek and Time Travel - FEDCON lecture by Rebacca Haar
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2. February 2018
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9. February 2018

FedCon 27 | Vortrag | FedCon 2018 | Star Trek und Zeitreisen

Yesterday, today, tomorrow: Star Trek, Tribbles and Time Travel

Time travel is a recurring feature of Star Trek, often as a planned trip, sometimes as an undesirable phenomenon. Again and again, paradoxes are raised that need to be prevented – either because someone travels back in time to change the future of the Federation for his own benefit, for example, or because someone is trailing behind in order to prevent precisely that. There is trouble with Tribbles not only for James T. Kirk, but also for the crew around Captain Sisko. Jean-Luc Picard even fights with temporal anomalies and reverse temporalities.

Using selected examples from all over the Star Trek history, Rebecca Haar’s lecture Star Trek and Time Travel shows how time travel is represented in the Star Trek universe and the consequences it has, will have or will have had and, last but not least, relates them to scientific theories: Are time travel really possible?

Lecturer: Rebecca Haar
Duration: 45 min  -  The Lecture will be held in: german
Rebecca Haar is a literary and media scholar who has always had a penchant for science fiction. She has specialized in simulation and virtual worlds, which is also reflected in her most recently completed dissertation, which deals with the question of how perception changes as virtual worlds and reality increasingly overlap in everyday life. Of course, there are also some holodecks between cyberspace, metaverse and matrix.

After lectures on Data and Co., Holodecks, Utopias and the Borg, Rebecca Haar will again present two exciting scientific lectures at this year's FedCon, which combine Star Trek, science fiction and pop culture.

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