Space: 1889 - the movie is finished - FEDCON lecture by Robert Vogel
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FedCon 27 | Vortrag | Space 1889 - Der Film ist fertig

1988 saw the publication of the first Victorian SF role-playing game SPACE: 1889, which will be published in a new adaptation by the German Uhrwerk publishing house from 2012. At the beginning of 2015, the short film introducing the scenario caused a sensation and served as the beginning of a kickstarter campaign, which was to be followed by a feature-length film. This movie is now finished… and will be shown at FedCon (Length: ca. 140 minutes!).

Robert Vogel followed the development of the film from the idea to its premiere, for which the makers even drove to China (!) in an old motorhome to pick up a Raptor full body costume (ala Godzilla). And this is just one of many almost unbelievable stories that have taken place. Robert Vogel also shows the problems independent filmmakers are confronted with… and how they handle it.

Lecturer: Robert Vogel
Duration: 55 min  -  The Lecture will be held in: german
Robert Vogel writes as a freelance journalist for German and international trade magazines and has been active in the scene since 1973. He gives lectures on all areas of fantasy at 20 or more fantasy events a year. He likes to visit the shooting of fantastic films and series and occasionally (if you let him) acts as an extra in front of the camera.

Since 2003 Robert has also frequently participated in events organised by the European Space Agency ESA. Thus he experienced the landing of the HUYGENS probe on the Jupiter moon Titan as one of the few registered journalists live in the space center ESOC and followed the ROSETTA comet mission from the very beginning. He has already met several NASA and ESA astronauts and is diligently building a bridge between science fiction and real space travel.

Despite his great enthusiasm for fantasy and astronomy/space travel Robert Vogel also has time for other interests: he loves the music of the 60s, likes to go dancing and likes the company of nice people. His great weakness is pasta dishes.

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