Dubbing actors wanted - Call at FEDCON
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2. May 2018
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13. May 2018

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Have you ever dreamed of being in a Star Trek episode? To play Captain Kirk, Spock or one of the crew? If you speak German and have a voice that matches one of our characters, then this is your chance!

We are preparing to dub the “Star Trek New Voyages” episode “The Holiest Thing” in German and need your help. We are looking for some fans who would like to speak a part for us so that we can include them in the episode.

To participate you will need the following:

  • A German voice that sounds quite similar to the original German voice for the main characters if you want to take on one of these roles.
  • Good English skills are helpful. We recommend that you watch the episode several times to familiarize yourself with the story.
  • The ability to speak the role convincingly.
  • The technical ability to record your voice correctly and send it to us as a WAV file (upload).
  • Give us in writing the right to use your vote in the episode for free.
  • No one gets paid to perform in this episode. We are a fan-film project and must neither earn money nor be paid for anything. So you have to be willing to work on it for fun.

Click here to  apply online.

Lecturer: Peter Walker
Duration: 30 min  -  The Lecture will be held in: german
Peter Walker is British, yet has been living in Cologne, Germany for many years and is fluent in German as well. He is self-employed in the IT and microscope branches.

As a big Star Trek fan, he started work on "Star Trek New Voyages", Germany in 2008 with Stephan Mittelstraß and expanded it to be an international website in English, German, French and Spanish. Peter appears at FedCon regularly giving talks and showing episodes from "New Voyages". He now runs the "Star Trek New Voyages" website and YouTube channels and is also responsible for subtitling, and preparing the episodes for release.

Peter Walker also runs the www.trekcon.de website with reports from previous FedCon events.

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