Es lebe Star Trek! - FEDCON lecture by Björn Sülter
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FedCon 27 | Lesung | Björn Sülter: Es lebe Star Trek!

In his reading Es lebe Star Trek! (Long life Star Trek!), Björn Sülter will present selected passages from his new book of the same name at FedCon 2018.

This is about the Trek phenomenon and its two lives and offers a journey through more than 50 years of Star Trek history, from the classic Star Trek 1.0, which lasts from 1966 to 2005 until today’s Star Trek 2.0, which began with the reboot movies in 2009 and is currently being continued by Star Trek: Discovery in series.

Two phases that are clearly different, but have more in common than one might think.

And as in many popular episodes, we actually experience a journey through time in this book. It goes back a long way into the past to its origins and leads us not only into the present, but also beyond.

So it is also the personal time travel of a Star Trek fan who has learned that one is more than just a phrase in terms of Star Trek: Only heaven is the limit.

Lecturer: Björn Sülter
Duration: 45-60 min  -  The Lecture will be held in: german
Author, journalist, speaker & podcaster Björn Sülter is born 1977 and Trekkie as long as he can think.

He works as an expert for SYFY and as a freelancer for online publications such as "Serienjunkies","Robots & Dragons" and "Quotenmeter". In the print section he writes for the fantasy magazine Geek! and the FedCon Insider.

His book Es lebe Star Trek, presented by SYFY, will be published this year.

In his popular podcast "Planet Trek fm" he discusses topics around Star Trek and the rest of the fantastic genre with his guests. For over twenty years he has been writing and talking about the long-lasting Trek franchise.

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