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21. May 2019
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With the FedCon Meal Package, a varied selection of delicious dishes awaits you at a super-attractive price. The package consists of 6 x buffet offers (Friday evening, Saturday noon, Saturday evening and Sunday noon) in the restaurant of the Maritim Hotel Bonn – in the midst of the convention world. So you can enjoy the FedCon program without annoying waiting times for your well-deserved meals or time-consuming travel to external restaurants or shopping opportunities.

You can easily secure your Meal Package in our Ticket-Shop.

Opening hours restaurant: noon, 11:30 – 14:00 o’clock / evening, 16:30 – 20:00 o’clock


Selection of colourful leaf salads with three different dressings, marinated carrots, cucumbers and radishes, tomatoes, corn, kidney beans and red onion rings for topping
Bread basket and butter

Cream soup of the tomato and basil with crackers
Clear soup of boiled beef with its own inlay, filamentous noodles and vegetable cubes

Freshly roasted steaks of turkey breast and pork loin with various marinades and herb butter on colorful grilled vegetables, roasted young potatoes with thyme butter and fried potatoes with onions

Friday evening: Mediterranean vegetable lasagna
Saturday noon: Curry rice pan with Asian vegetables and fried tofu cubes
Saturday evening: Potato pancakes with garden herb curd cheese
Sunday noon: Vegetarian vegetable schnitzel with paprika sour cream
Sunday evening: Vegetable tortilla with yoghurt cucumber dip
Monday noon: Colourful vegetable couscous pan with lime mandrel

Short penne with olive oil and Pepperoni with minced meat sauce
Friday evening: Tomatoes – herb sauce
Saturday noon: Rocket sauce
Saturday evening: Ham and cream sauce
Sunday noon: Mediterranean vegetable sauce
Sunday evening: Cheese sauce
Monday noon: Mushroom sauce

Farfalle oven-fresh casserole with root vegetables ham strips and cheese au gratin

Goulash of young pork with onions on two kinds of bean ragout and breadcrumbs

Fried schnitzel with cream sauce, peas and mashed potatoes

Chocolate and cream pudding and sweet baked goods from our confectionery (with every meal)
Friday evening: Rice pudding with cinnamon-sugar and berry ragout
Saturday noon: Raspberry yoghurt cream with apricot sauce
Saturday evening: Bavarian cream with caramel sauce
Sunday noon: Jell-o with vanilla sauce
Sunday evening: Fruit salad
Monday noon: Panna Cotta of the Tonka Bean with chocolate sauce

(subject to change)


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