FEDCON - Liz Kloczkowski - Captain Christopher Pike
FedCon 32 | Stargast | Anson Mount
Anson Mount
27. September 2023
FedCon 32 | Stargast | Melissa Navia
Melissa Navia
8. November 2023

Liz Kloczkowski is a film and television Art Director hailing from Uxbridge, Massachusetts. Now based in Los Angeles, California, she is known for her work on Star Trek: Picard, Quantum Leap, Promising Young Woman and Under The Silver Lake.

She is most known for her work recreating the Enterprise D Bridge for Picard. She also worked on the Eleos XII, and the Sickbay, Transporter, Nacelle, Crew Quarters, Environmental Power Systems Room, and the Corridors for the USS Titan A.

FedCon 32 | Stargast | Liz Kloczkowski

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