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29. January 2024
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31. January 2024

Once again, “Planet Trek fm”, one of the most listened to German “Star Trek” podcasts, invites you to a live event at FedCon. Claudia Kern and Björn Sülter will be talking about a current topic from the vastness of the “Star Trek” franchise, which, as usual, will only be announced live on stage.

But what exactly is “Planet Trek fm”? Would you like to listen to authors, voice actors, fans and journalists share their thoughts on “Star Trek”? Are you looking for in-depth episode reviews in podcast form about the films and series and want to keep up to date with developments in the world of “Star Trek”? With “Planet Trek fm” you get the complete package. Hosts Björn Sülter and Claudia Kern have been talking together and with guests since 2017 about all the topics you spend half your day thinking about anyway.

Lecturer: Björn Sülter, Claudia Kern
Duration: 60 min  -  The Lecture will be held in: german

Björn Sülter is a publisher, author, journalist, translator, speaker, podcaster & one of the experts for "Star Trek" in Germany. As an author, he is known for "Es lebe Star Trek", "Die Star-Trek-Chronik" and the SF novel "Yula und die Sterne". As editor-in-chief, he is responsible for "Geek!" & "TV-Klassiker" and the "Planet Trek" portal. In "TV Serienhighlights" he presents his column "Sülters Warpkernkette". He translates (e.g. "Das Illustrierte Handbuch", "Star Trek Cocktails", "Die Gegner in Star Trek", "Star Trek: Zeit des Wandels") and narrates audio books ("Q sind herzlich ausgeladen", "Ein Stich zur rechten Zeit").

The bestselling author Claudia Kern can look back on countless novels, magazine novels, award-winning translations & other works. In the field of journalism, she has written countless non-fiction books & has written the column "Kernspaltereien" in "SpaceView"/"Geek!" since 1999. In 2018, she was awarded the Kurd-Laßwitz Prize for Best Translation. She also translates computer games, TV series & novels.

Together Björn & Claudia are the team behind "Planet Trek fm".

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