FEDCON: Gossip on the Enterprise - Lecture
Diversity in Star Trek
4. February 2024
Star Trek goes Musical
6. February 2024

FedCon 32 | Vortrag | Tratsch auf der Enterprise

Chapel: “Where is Nyota?” Ortegas:” What do you think? Working.” Chapel: “Yes, that suits her.” Ortegas: “She didn’t even want to come to the film night on Friday night. (To Boimler) You should come if you’re still there on Friday.” Boimler: “Does this have anything to do with Captain Pike’s birthday?” Chapel: “It’s his birthday?” Ortegas: “How do you know that?” Boimler: “Because his birthday is a public holiday in the future.” Conversation between Boimler, Chapel and Ortegas (Strange New Worlds, season 2, episode 7).

Informal communication is part of the working world and also takes place on the Enterprise. Spontaneous conversations arise due to a social need and support social cohesion. On the Enterprise, these short sequences also serve to show viewers the characters’ personalities and their interpersonal relationships. Gossip is mainly seen in a negative light, but what function does gossip actually have? What is gossiped about on the Enterprise? What is positive gossip and where is the boundary to negative gossip? We use examples to discuss these questions and ask ourselves how we deal with gossip in our everyday lives.

Lecturer: Gisela Zimmermann
Duration: 60 min  -  The Lecture will be held in: german

Dr Gisela Zimmermann is a science fiction-loving scientist who is interested in communication cultures and deals professionally with work cultures. In her dissertation as a cultural anthropologist, she asked herself how pilgrims use digital media in their everyday pilgrimage and what this means for the experience.

The anticipated future society she encountered during her field research on the Way of St James gives her hope that Roddenberry's vision of the future may be possible. She now works as a workshop leader at vocational and secondary schools in German-speaking Switzerland on topics such as addiction prevention and mental health. She has also developed a workshop programme for companies that focuses on diversity and mental health in the workplace.

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