FEDCON: Can the on-board computer think? - Lecture
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25. January 2024
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27. January 2024

FedCon 32 | Vortrag | Kann der Bordcomputer denken?

“Space – infinite expanses” and “galaxies never before seen by man”: Gene Roddenberry’s humanistic vision of the future has lost none of its appeal over the years. Star Trek is an optimistic view of a distant future in which space is explored on a peaceful mission to discover new life forms and the unknown.

But not every life form is organic, some are holographic, others are made of metal, others have no body as hyper-AI and some are even cybernetic. Robots, androids and artificial intelligences – without them, travelling to the distant galaxies of the Star Trek universe would be almost unimaginable. In this lecture, the focus will be on both the depiction of artificial intelligence and its use in Star Trek over the course of time, illustrated with many examples and film clips.

Lecturer: Dr. Rebecca Haar
Duration: 60 min  -  The Lecture will be held in: german

Dr Rebecca Haar is a literature and media scientist who has always had a penchant for science fiction. She has specialised in simulation and virtual worlds, which is also reflected in her dissertation published in 2019, which deals with the question of how perception changes when virtual worlds and reality increasingly overlap in everyday life. Of course, there is also a holodeck or two to be found between cyberspace, metaverse and matrix. She is currently researching the media representations of artificial intelligence in pop culture. In spring 2024, her non-fiction book "Kann der Bordcomputer denken? Roboter, Androiden & Hologramme in Star Trek".

For some time now, Rebecca Haar has also been giving lectures in which she links literary and cultural studies with popular culture, in particular comics, Star Trek and Doctor Who. In addition to conferences at universities, she has also spoken at conventions and festivals, including FedCon, TimeLash in Kassel, the Dragon Days fantasy festival in Stuttgart and the Open Mind Festival in Salzburg.

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