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10. June 2020
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FedCon 29 | Vortrag | Wie ich Jesus Star Wars zeigte

The saga of Florian’s time travel continues. After part 1 of the religion satirical time travel fiction Wie ich Jesus Star Wars zeigte of 2019, published by Aschaffenburger alibri Verlag, the 2nd part with the title Wie ich mit Jesus Star Wars rettete will be published in August. The author, that is me (Joachim Sohn), would like to briefly introduce the first volume and the story behind it and then present the second volume as a premiere. On FedCon 33 there will be a reading of selected passages from it and afterwards questions can be answered.

Here is the blurb of part 1:

What would the world look like if the Jedi religion had prevailed instead of Christianity?

The skeptic Florian Schneider has programmed a time machine app. Equipped with everything he needs, he uses it to travel to ancient times to show Jesus the Star Wars movies. The goal: Florian wants to prove that religious history is interchangeable and that holy scriptures do not represent absolute truth. He pretends to be the messenger of the gods to the previously unknown preacher Jesus, who proclaims the teachings of the Jedi Knights. Jesus takes the bait, things take their course and fundamentally change the history of Christianity.

But after his return to the present, a nasty surprise awaits Florian…

Lecturer: Joachim Sohn
Duration: 60 min  -  The Lecture will be held in: german
I was born in Wiesbaden in 1968, studied Comparative Linguistics, Romance Studies and Theater, Film and Television Studies in Mainz, Constance and Berlin. After my subsequent qualification as an animation designer at the animation-school-hamburg, I worked for several years as a freelancer for German animation productions. Since 2004, I have been in permanent employment as an animation director at a Düsseldorf advertising agency.

Since 2010, several titles have been published by me, including short stories, short stories and novels, all of which belong to the fantasy genre. The main focus is on animal fantasy such as the unusual adventures of the cat master detectives Sunnie & Polli and time travel science fiction such as Die Zeitagenten" and Wie ich Jesus Star Wars zeigte.

I am a member of the Phantastik Autoren Netzwerk PAN e.V. and a regular guest at the Phantastik- and Klingolaus-Dinners of Reinhard Prahl and Thorsten Walch (the latter I wrote a role for in the 2nd part of WIJSWZ). I did a podcast show with Dr. Michael Kleu about my books and wrote a 4-part treatise on animal fantasy as a special for TOR-Online.

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