Star Trek: The Filming Sites I FEDCON lecture by Robert Kaiser
FedCon 29 | Vortrag | Live Podcast: Planet Trek fm | by Björn Sülter
Live-Podcast: Planet Trek fm
21. January 2020
Star Trek: The Filming Sites II
22. January 2020

FedCon 29 | Vortrag | Star Trek: The Filming Sites I | by Robert Kaiser

Star Trek. The final frontier. These are the voyages of the fans, their continuing mission: to explore sites of ‘on location’ filming, to take photos. To boldly go where film crews have gone before.”

This talk is presenting a number of sites at which episodes of different Star Trek series have been filmed, as well as scenes of some of the movies. Stills from several productions are compared to current pictures taken at the same sites. Robert Kaiser visited some of those places during a Geek Nation tour with Larry Nemecek as well as on private vacations and tried to get shots that match the stills or get a view on those locations that makes clear how they were used in the shows.

All in all, you’ll experience a mixture of one-time and heavily used filming sites, spiced up with a bit of humor to make the presentation a really entertaining experience.

Lecturer: Robert Kaiser
Duration: 30 min  -  The Lecture will be held in: english
Robert Kaiser (nickname "KaiRo") is excited about many things about the future and technology - be it as an IT freelancer or Mozilla Tech Speaker where he's in touch with currently emerging technologies, or be it looking even further into a possible future as a fan of Sci-Fi and Star Trek.

While science and technology has initially ignited his interest in Star Trek, its philosophy of inclusion and "IDIC" (Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations) as well as the optimistic view on the future made him stick with and fall in love with that "franchise".

Robert is based in Vienna/Austria, a member of the Austrian fan club "Galactic Friendship", and loves traveling to the USA - especially to the yearly Star Trek Las Vegas conventions.

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