The dream of eternal life at FEDCON
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FedCon 29 | Vortrag | Der Traum vom ewigen Leben | by Tim Fischer & Niklaus Denier

Dark times. Especially in the Middle Ages, death by disease, hunger or war were constant companions. A long life was reserved only for the ruling class or clergy. The dream of eternal life and eternal beauty was inspired. The legend of the Fountain of Youth shows this dream: take a short bath or drink and you are back in the bloom of life. To this day, the Fountain of Youth, as a source of rejuvenation and eternal life, exudes a mythical attraction and has been the subject of many art and cultural events. Also in Star Trek, this topic has been treated repeatedly.

The search for the source of eternal life is possibly more explosive today than ever before. Instead of searching on lonely islands or with old texts in dusty cellars, today the search takes place in a laboratory.

What is ageing? Does health and life expectancy depend on our genes and/or environmental influences? Can life expectancy be predicted for individual people? How can life be extended? Many of these questions are discussed in a visionary way in Star Trek and are scientifically highly topical. There are already answers…

Lecturer: Tim Fischer, Niklaus Denier
Duration: 45 min  -  The Lecture will be held in: german
Dr. Tim Fischer works and researches as a radiologist with subspecialisation in neuroradiology and musculoskeletal diagnostics in St. Gallen and Zurich. His great interest in technology and science is coupled with a fascination for the imaginative element in the science fiction genre. He has been a die-hard Star Trek fan since childhood and believes strongly in the discovery of extraterrestrial life.

Dr. Niklaus Denier works as a psychiatrist and neuroscientist in Bern. Using imaging techniques, he investigates the smallest differences in brains and what significance these have for people. Besides his work he is a passionate tinkerer and tinkerer and loves philisophizing until late at night, preferably over a good cigar.

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