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21. July 2021
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1. August 2021

First, Curiosity landed on Mars in the “7 minutes of terror” in 2012. In February 2021, its sister “Perseverance” landed on our neighboring planet as the second large, moving laboratory. They were preceded by several much smaller rovers. How is it that we can drive and now even fly on an alien planet?

Perseverance, which is hard to pronounce, was even harder to recreate. Accompany me on a 5 month journey, from a spontaneous idea to the (non)purchase of plutonium to the sandbox in front of the house.

In the lecture 2 and a half Rover on FedCon 33 I would like to tell you about the creation of my own Mars rover, which rovers NASA has brought to Mars so far and what they can do.

Five NASA rovers have already made it to Mars. And even the Chinese are digging their wheels into the Martian dust while Ingenuity is stirring it up.

But it all started with a wheel…

Lecturer: Jeanette Müller
Duration: 45 min  -  The Lecture will be held in: german
My name is Jeanette Müller and I was born in 1982 in Munich. Today I live in Stuttgart.

In addition to my professional work as a software developer, I develop apps for smartphones, my reality Star Trek, I indulge in my favorite hobby, miniature modeling.

Already in the 90s, I built everything that the market gave. Of course, spaceships from Star Trek, the Babylon 5 station, Star Destroyers or the submarine SeaQuest. Since 2018, I have been building models from the TV series The Expanse. Already in 2019 I have exhibited some models at the FedCon. This year, there are a few new models on display.

The crown jewel this year, however, is the, in scale 1 to 4, replicated and remote-controlled Mars Rover Perseverance.

Sources & additional links for 2 and a half Rover:

Website (RC Rover 1/4), Website (Projekte), Instagram


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