Steve Dix | FEDCON
Jan Fiedler
20. February 2016
Mark McCaughrean
11. April 2016
An hour-long science-fiction English language Comedy show written and performed by British Comedian Steve Dix at FedCon 25 .

Ever wondered why Captain Kirk gets fatter, or who Yoda's parents were? Steve Dix has.
A lifelong science-fiction nerd, Steve will take you on a journey from the inner mind to the outer limits of comedy. Steve has been resident in Cologne since 1999, and has been performing since 2005, and has been performed in the Cologne Comedy Fest for ten years, and also been featured in the famed Cologne comedy show „Nightwash“ twice. He performed the original version of his show at FedCon 24 in Düsseldorf, and this year is performing his new, improved show not only at FedCon 25 , but in and around Germany.

Do not adjust your set.
He is in control.

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