FedCon – Meet your Science Fiction Stars

FedCon 27 - from May 18th until 21th 2018 you have the unique opportunity to meet you favourite stars from sci-fi movies and TV series. FedCon stands for four days with all the stars, autographs, photo sessions, lectures, workshops, like-minded people, fans in costumes, activities, parties, merchandise and more – four fabulous days of incredible fun. Do not miss the show!








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FedCon Impressions

Watch our clip with amazing impressions from FedCon 26 by Michael Westerweller!

Latest news

15. May 2018
FedCon 27 | News | Aktuelle Programminfos

Current program info

So that you are always informed about possible changes in your daily routine during FedCon 2018, we recommend a website specially set up for this purpose, […]
13. May 2018
FedCon 27 | Vortrag | Star Trek Set-Tour / Academy

Star Trek Set Tour / Academy

If you ever wanted to experience what it would be like to visit the set of Star Trek: The Original Series, now is your chance. The […]
12. May 2018
FedCon 27 | Vortrag | Synchro-Sprecher gesucht

Dubbing actors wanted

Have you ever dreamed of being in a Star Trek episode? To play Captain Kirk, Spock or one of the crew? If you speak German and […]
9. May 2018
FedCon 27 | News | Con-Merchandise

Con Merchandise

At FedCon you have the opportunity to secure exclusive collector’s souvenirs that were created especially for this event. How about a fancy T-shirt for all fans […]
9. May 2018
FedCon 27 | News | Wichtige Gast-Informationen

Important Guest Information

Here you will find Important Guest Information about the guest list of FedCon. The invited stars are undoubtedly among the programme highlights among the fans. In […]
7. May 2018
FedCon 27 | News | Tickets & Gutscheine - Tageskasse

Tickets & Vouchers – Box office

Dear friends, fans and customers, our Online-Ticket-Shop is now closed and the final preparations for are in full swing. Tickets (weekend and day tickets) as well […]
5. May 2018
FedCon 27 | Specials | Geeks-Club-Party


The party exclusively for Geeks Club members Beside the three aftershow parties (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) of FedCon 2018 there will be a very special party […]
2. May 2018
FedCon 27 | Vortrag | Space 1889 - Der Film ist fertig

Space: 1889 – the movie is finished

1988 saw the publication of the first Victorian SF role-playing game SPACE: 1889, which will be published in a new adaptation by the German Uhrwerk publishing […]
1. May 2018
FedCon 27 | Vortrag | Star Trek Discovery vs The Orville

Star Trek Discovery vs Orville

Star Trek Discovery vs The Orville: Which is the better Star Trek series? A comparison followed by a discussion. Since the end of Star Trek: Enterprise […]
30. April 2018
FedCon 27 | Vortrag | 40 Jahre Kampfstern Galactica

40 years Battlestar Galactica

In 1978, the Battlestar Galactica series was described as the television’s response to the first Star Wars film and was the cause of years of litigation […]
28. April 2018
FedCon 27 | Vortrag | Star Wars Holiday Special

Star Wars Holiday Special

40 years Star Wars Holiday Special. At least every Star Wars fan has heard of it. George Lucas himself has mentioned several times that he would […]
27. April 2018
FedCon 27 | News | Star Selfies

Star Selfies

From now on you have the opportunity at FedCon to take home Star Selfies as a very special and personal souvenir to the convention. Here’s how […]
24. April 2018
FedCon 27 | News | Essenspaket

Meal Package

With the FedCon 2018 Meal Package, a varied selection of delicious dishes awaits you at a super-attractive price. The package consists of 6 x buffet offers […]
19. April 2018
FedCon 27 | Workshop | SF-Story-Settings entwerfen

Create SF story settings

In numerous novels Robert Corvus has created fascinating worlds before the eyes of his readers. Magnificent cities, disreputable dungeons, rugged mountains, mighty streams, amphibious races, robots, […]
18. April 2018
FedCon 27 | Vortrag | The world's greatest SF series

The world’s greatest SF series

In this presentation, Robert Corvus – one of the “guest authors” of the series – tells us about the PERRY RHODAN phenomenon. From 1961 up to […]

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