FedCon – Meet your Science Fiction Stars

FedCon stands for four days with all the stars, autographs, photo sessions, lectures, workshops, like-minded people, fans in costumes, activities, parties, merchandise and more – four fabulous days of incredible fun. Do not miss the show!

FedCon Impressions

Watch our clip with amazing impressions from FedCon 24 by Michael Westerweller!
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Latest news

4. May 2016

Alice Eve

The British actress Alice Eve is known for her role of ‘Carol Marcus’, a lieutenant scientist, in Paramount feature Star Trek Into Darkness is coming to […]
22. April 2016

Dr. Matt Taylor

At FedCon 25 Dr Matt Taylor will give an overview of the entire Rosetta mission, an update what is in store for the end of the […]
11. April 2016

Mark McCaughrean

Prof Mark McCaughrean Senior Science Advisor in the Directorate of Science at the European Space Agency is coming to FedCon 25 to talk about exciting recent […]
29. March 2016

Steve Dix

An hour-long science-fiction English language Comedy show written and performed by British Comedian Steve Dix. Ever wondered why Captain Kirk gets fatter, or who Yoda’s parents […]
20. March 2016

Robert Maschio – Sponsored Guest

What do you do when one of our Comic Con Germany guests is looking so much forward to our event like we do? When he can […]
29. February 2016

George Takei – Sponsored Guest

George Takei is our first SPONSORED GUEST at , what means that his autograph and photo vouchers are NOT included in either the Gold Ticket or […]
20. February 2016

Jan Fiedler

Jan Fiedler is VFX producer at PIXOMONDO Images in Stuttgart, Germany. He has produced a wide range of work including feature films, episodic content, commercials, television […]
18. February 2016

Steffen Volkmer

Steffen Volkmer, allround nerd, will be your host in the small hall. He is an avowed fan of comics and has proven his sense of palaver […]
25. January 2016

FedCon goes Official

FedCon is official partner from CBS and is celebrating with your Star Trek 50th Anniversary. For this year we obtain a license from CBS to bring […]
25. January 2016

Prices for AG- and Photo ops

These are the prices for autographs and photo ops for the star guests of FedCon 25. Vouchers for Karl Urban, William Shatner, Jonathan Frakes, Walter Koenig, Terry […]
22. January 2016

Robert Beltran

Fans of the TV series Star Trek Voyager can look forward to FedCon 25 because Robert Beltran, known as Commander Chakotay, will join his crewmember Ethan […]
11. January 2016

Karl Urban

Karl Urban, best known as Dr McCoy and Éomer, is set to beam down to FedCon 25. Karl Urban, the New Zealand actor with German roots, […]
30. October 2015

Tucker Smallwood

We are proud to announce another star guest from the cult TV-series Space: Above and Beyond to FedCon: Tucker Smallwood (Commodore Ross) is also coming in […]
13. October 2015

James Morrison

He played Col. Tyrus Cassius ‘T.C.’ McQueen in the TV-series Space 2063, he is well known as Bill Buchanan in 24 – Twenty Four and countless […]
30. September 2015
FEDCON 25 | William Shatner

William Shatner

We are thrilled that it worked out and we hope you are as excited as we are. William Shatner has just now confirmed his appearance at […]

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    HobbitCon is certainly a hightlight for The Lord of the Rings– and The Hobbit-Fans.Get enchanted and immerse into Middle-earth – the world of J.R.R. Tolkien.

    Meet your Tolkien stars – this is the motto. The Hobbit Convention will be held from April 1st to 3rd 2016. Meanwhile the 4th time at the Maritim Hotel Bonn.

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    FedCon is certainly a hightlight for science fiction fans. Get enchanted and immerse into the universes of Star Trek, Star Wars, Stargate and Doctor Who among others.

    Meet your science fiction stars – this is the motto. The scifi-convention will be held from May 13th to 16th 2016 at the Maritim Hotel Bonn. Meanwhile the 25th time.

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