Advance booking price advantage for FEDCON

Advance booking price advantage

Meet & Greet, AG- and PS-Tickets
10. January 2018
FedCon 28 | News | Aktuelle Programminfos
Current program info
21. May 2019

Secure your autograph and photo session vouchers at a great advance sale price!

The early bird catches as is well known the worm … and according to this motto you now have the possibility to buy the best worms in our Online-Ticket-Shop … ähm to secure vouchers for autographs and photos on the FedCon at a special price.

Autographs and photos are 5,- Euro cheaper than buying them directly at the event. Your wallet will be happy and we also profit from this offer, as you help us to increase the planning security of Gaststar. So, let’s get started and secure discounted vouchers now!

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