SaxonyCosplay on Tour - FEDCON Special
Film-Preview: All Tomorrow’s Yesterdays
20. February 2024
FedCon 32 | Specials | Whisky Tasting "Schottische Rundreise"
Whisky Tastings
6. March 2024

FedCon 32 | Specials | Saxony Cosplay on Tour

Trekkies and visitors to FedCon 32 can take a seat in Commander HaMogh’s Klingon command chair (in the Artshow area) and feel the Klingon power of Kronos. Fans can take photos in the Klingon ambience and talk to the actors of BraKaal Pcitures about the current Klingon fan film. SaxonyCosplay will be represented in various Star Trek cosplays throughout the entire con weekend.

Look forward to breathtaking encounters. Qapla!

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