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4. April 2022
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FedCon 30 | Specials | Rise of the Last Intern | Tim Dagott (Saberproject)

Team Saberproject presents: RISE OF THE LAST INTERN

Everything is possible as long as you have a lightsaber

Film presentation by Tim Dagott with “Behind the Scenes” panel

  • What if an intern job wasn’t monotonous and predictable?
  • What if an intern had to pick up a lightsaber to restore order to a warehouse and was thrown into completely alien cinematic universes in the process?

Back in 2015, Team Saberproject released THE INTERN AWAKENS, a short film that explores these questions and tells the story of an intern in the warehouse of Toy Palace (online retailer of collectibles from franchises on virtually everything that excites nerds and cultivates a fan base).

What has since become the most successful YouTube video of the lightsaber fighting show troupe (more than 5 million views), now finds its sequel, in which two and a half years of work.

Written and produced by Tim Dagott, the short film RISE OF THE LAST INTERN tells the story of an intern who delves into the secrets of said camp and suddenly finds herself facing entire groups of Jedi Knights and Sith Warriors. She receives support from her predecessor, who returns to finish what he started in the first part.

Together with the NEW INTERN, as the intern is titled, viewers are immersed in a movie multiverse and experience allusions to many well-known franchises as well as Team Saberproject’s usual entertaining lightsaber action.

The production, designed as a fan film, is made by nerds for nerds, but goes beyond an amateur level. With four days of shooting and a crew of 30 people, the film was quickly on tape or hard drive, but a two-year post-production phase followed.

VFX supervisor Alexander F. Rumpf, who has already worked on real Marvel and DC productions, created the extraordinary world of the film in collaboration with director and film editor Timo Discher and Tim Dagott with great attention to detail.

The music, as in the first part, was created by the composer duo Only Sound, which usually scores games in the gaming industry. The iconic lightsaber sounds for it were created in the USA by Jesse Kirkbride, who is a professional sound designer but also a big Star Wars fan.

Particularly noteworthy are the many German dubbed actors who serve as voices to guide NEW INTERN through its adventure. Among them are, for example, Hans-Georg Panczak, who has been lending his voice to Luke Skywalker since 1977, and can even be seen in front of the camera in RISE OF THE LAST INTERN. But Susanne Bonasewicz (Princess Leia), Philipp Moog (Obi-Wan Kenobi), Florian Clyde (Han Solo), Joachim Tennstedt (C-3PO) and Laura Oettel (Luna Lovegood from the Harry Potter universe) are also in the cast, along with several others.

The Saberproject team has thus created a breathtaking multiverse that should motivate each individual to pursue his or her passion – because anything is possible!

Saberproject is a registered association and has been on the road since 2006, mainly at fan events, so-called conventions, to present exciting stage shows and offer workshops.

They learned the art of lightsaber fighting from the inventor himself: Nick Gillard, the stunt coordinator for the Star Wars prequel films (Episode I – III), visited them a few years ago.

Over the last 15 years, the team has been able to work with Disney, Lucasfilm, Hasbro, LEGOLAND Deutschland as well as the Technik Museum Speyer and was involved in the music videos for Schandmaul’s “Die Insel” and Rammstein’s “Deutschland”.

The new film RISE OF THE LAST INTERN premiered at the Filmpalast Kassel on November 20, 2021 and has been released online since December 11, 2021. This marks the end of the production after two and a half years. The team has been able to learn a lot from it and certainly has the next project in planning soon.

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