Star Trek-Chronik: Von Archer bis Kirk FEDCON / Presentation of non-fiction book
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1. February 2020
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FedCon 29 | Vortrag | Star Trek-Chronik: Von Archer bis Kirk | by Sülter, Prahl & Walch

With Die Star Trek-Chronik (The Star Trek chronicle), the publisher “in Farbe und Bunt” is presenting a new non-fiction series in chic uniform design that will take readers in detail through the development, production history and aftermath of each Star Trek production.

The authors Björn Sülter (Lang lebe Star Trek) as well as Reinhard Prahl (Lang lebe Captain Future) and Thorsten Walch (Lang lebe Star Wars, Lang lebe Captain Future) have made it their task to intensively illuminate all series from the Trek universe in the following years and to give each one its own book. Experience on FedCon 33, how the author trio presents the first two books, volume #1 on Star Trek: Enterprise (published in 2020) and volume #2 on the original series (published fresh before FedCon 33).

It started with the book on the prequel series Star Trek: Enterprise, which made many friends in the fandom from 2001 to 2005 and is about the adventures of the Enterprise NX-01 under the command of Captain Jonathan Archer.

The second volume covers the adventures of the crew around Captain Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Scotty, Uhura, Sulu and Chekov. The series ran for three years and produced 79 episodes, the first pilot The Cage and a short-lived animated series.

Lecturer: Sülter, Prahl & Walch
Duration: 60 min  -  The Lecture will be held in: german
Björn Sülter is an author, media journalist and publisher and lives an everyday life marked by words, both printed and spoken. As headwriter & expert for the TV station SYFY, editor for online publications like serial junkies, Quotenmeter or print like the GEEK! and the FedCon INSIDER, as host of his podcast Planet Trek fm, author of award-winning non-fiction ("Lang lebe Star Trek"), novels and youth books as well as audio book speakers, he is at home in many areas of fantasy.

Since 1999, Reinhard Prahls' popular science articles and interviews have been published in numerous print and online media. He is an author of non-fiction and novels and maintains his non-commercial website "GreatSciFi" where he presents his extensive DVD and Blu-ray collection with great attention to detail.

The journalist and author Thorsten Walch has been an integral part of the scene since the 1990s through his contributions to "TV Highlights", "Moviestar" or the "Blockbuster-Magazin". For many years he has also been acting as an SF expert for "Corona Magazine". With "Es lebe Star Wars" he delivered the most comprehensive non-fiction book on the long-lasting franchise in German.

Sources & additional links for Star Trek-Chronik: Von Archer bis Kirk:

Website (Bernd Sülter), Website (Great SciFi)

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