FEDCON - Mistress of Ceremonies: Lori Dungey (MC)
FedCon 30 | Stargast & "MC" | Lori Dungey
Christopher Eccleston
30. March 2022
Simon Pegg
29. April 2022

Lori Dungey is so pleased to be coming back, she’s desperately missed all the warm and fuzzies that FedCon brings.  Finally the borders are open and she’s able to fly from NZ to Germany and even return!!  She intends to make the most of catching up with all her FedCon friends, meeting new ones, doing some partying, drinking beer, eating Gummy Bears and more.

For fantasy fans, our good Lori is best known as the lovely Mrs. Bracegirdle from the movie The Lord of the Rings. But also into the Power Rangers universe our “MC” has made some trips.

Lori Dungey is a multi-talent; improviser, actress, author, director and tutor who has been calling New Zealand her home for 27 years. She left the Vancouver Theatersports League to become artistic director of The Improvisors in Wellington and is now a JAFA (Just Another Frickin’ Aucklander) and Creative Director at ConArtists. Lori Dungey has given her impro workshops in New Zealand, Canada, Australia, Germany, Singapore and Fiji.

The sympathetic actress rocks the stage as our “Mistress of Ceremonies” and you can be sure that she will provide the best entertainment again at FedCon in Bonn. So, don’t miss this and get your ticket at the Ticket-Shop.

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