Startrooper Germany - cool cosplay at FEDCON
FedCon 2018 | Exklusiver BSG-Reunion Gruppen-Photoshoot
BSG Reunion Group Photo Shoot
12. January 2018
FedCon 27 | Specials | Creaholics of the World
Creaholics of the World
19. February 2018

FedCon 27 | Specials | Startrooper Germany Cosplay

The universe…

…this is the distress signal of the “U. S. S. FedCon” – official troop carrier of Startrooper Germany. We were attacked by the Borg. They have begun assimilating the members of the Startrooper Germany Federation. We tried to defend ourselves together, but the Borg drone adapted its shield too quickly to our phasers. She’s just too strong. More and more crew members are subject to the Borg unit and are eliminated or assimilated.

Please *krrsccccccch*help us *scratch* before *rsssch* it’s too late *rrrscchhhhhhhhhhhh* *silence*.

“Freedom is irrelevant. Self-determination is irrelevant. Submit yourself “.

We are Startrooper Germany, Germany’s largest cosplay club. Our members are enthusiastic fans of various genres, such as Star Wars, Marvel and Harry Potter. Now we advance to the Star Trek expanses, the undiscovered land. That’s how the Borg made their entrance into our club.

The costumes are built, sewn and embellished with love for detail and a lot of craftsmanship. We have set ourselves the goal of reconstructing the costumes as closely as possible to the original in order to give the visitors an authentic picture of the respective character. But not only the quality of the costumes is important to us as an association. Cohesion between the members and a lively exchange of experiences around crafting the costumes are also important to us. So take advantage of the opportunities and ask, discuss and animate us. Besides the active members, their families are always welcome at our events.

So, make the FedCon 27 your personal highlight. We are looking forward to welcoming you at our booth. But make sure that the Borg don’t assimilate you as well and that you end up in one of our alcove as part of the collective.

In this sense:”Live long and prosper”, resistance is futile! See you soon at FedCon 27.

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