FEDCON Science Fiction Double Feature - Comedy with Steve Dix
FedCon 27 | Vortrag | Bärtierchen und Riesenpilze
Tardigrades and Giant Mushrooms
15. December 2017

FedCon 27 | Show | Science Fiction Double Feature

Space… the Final Comedy Frontier. These are the comedy voyages of Steve Dix, Germany’s only science-fiction stand-up comedian, exploring the boundaries of science-fiction stand-up comedy in the warm surroundings of the famous Charnock’s Comedy Cabarat and – of course – during FedCon, seeking out life and new civilizations and cool nerdy stuff like that and getting cheap laughs at their expense during his show program Science Fiction Double Feature.

Along the way, you will discover with Steve how the Sesame Street song sounds when translated to Klingon and back, why Captain Kirk keeps getting fatter after beaming down to a planet and why Daleks really, really don’t make good language teachers… even though they share the same methods of torture.

Steve Dix will take all FedCon visitors on a journey from the inner mind… to the Outer Limits.  He controls the vertical, and the horizontal.  He has the remote control and he’s not giving it back until the end of his one-hour show Science Fiction Double Feature (presented in English language).

Steve Dix is a lifelong science-fiction fan. He grew up in little-known town of Rugeley in Staffordshire, England, which is famous as the place where J. R. R. Tolkien recovered from World War I, and for the serial killer "Palmer the Poisoner".

Not wishing to be poisoned, Steve moved to Germany in 1999 and started performing at Germany's first English-language stand-up comedy show, "Hollywood's Comedy Nights" in 2005. He performed all around Europe, at the legendary German comedy show "Nightwash", and in 10 consecutive Cologne Comedy Fests. He is currently touring his solo show Science Fiction-Double Feature around Europe. As well as performing comedy, he paints, makes models, sings and plays guitar, but not at the same time.

Steve was inspired by Star Trek to become a computer programmer. Since then, his life has been absolutely miserable.

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