Firefly, Vaquita & Porpoise - FEDCON-Lecture by Bettina Wurche
FedCon 27 | Vortrag | Bärtierchen und Riesenpilze
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15. December 2017
FedCon 27 | Vortrag | Nerd-Quiz Sci-Fi-Edition
Nerd-Quiz Sci-Fi-Edition
15. January 2018

FedCon 27 | Vortrag | Firefly, Vaquita und Schweinswal

In her lecture Firefly, Vaquita & Porpoise, Bettina Wurche addresses a very popular topic from the SF universe at FedCon. Vaquita and Bottlenose dolphin are small whales that lead a rather inconspicuous life. The vaquita or Californian porpoise lives in the Gulf of California, the bottlenose dolphin – better known as common porpoise – floats in the North Sea and Baltic Sea. Both species are threatened, the vaquita is even on the verge of extinction. The whale protection group “Vaquitas are brown coats” is committed to the protection of small Californian marine mammals, who obviously have a lot in common with the crew of “Serenity”.

Our local porpoise is still less known than its Californian cousin, but it suffers from the same dangers: Both suffocate as bycatch in the fishermen’s nets.

Whales are always a topic in science fiction and for SF fans – and these two little-known small whales need our support in particular now! That’s why Bettinas FedCon lecture will visit you, learn everything about Firefly, Vaquita & Porpoise and how these fascinating animals can be more protected.

Lecturer: Bettina Wurche
Duration: 45 min  -  The Lecture will be held in: german
The biologist and journalist Bettina Wurche is a professing science fiction fan. Today, she manages the press and public relations work of a small museum. Specialising in aquatic biology and palaeontology, she has been on the trail of whales in the Arctic and Antarctic, works as a geopark ranger and biologist in the transfer of knowledge and, as a science journalist, prefers to write about whales and the sea. She is also a successful science blogger and writes the science blog "meertext".

As a speaker she likes to talk about whales and oceans of the present, the past or the future, astrobiology, evolution and similar topics. Bettina presents another lecture at FedCon with the title Tardigrades and Giant Mushrooms.

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