Cast-Blast Star Trek - FEDCON from and with the Trek Nerds
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Sherlock meets The X-Files
17. January 2018
FedCon 27 | Vortrag | Die Wächter von Aquaterra
Die Wächter von Aquaterra
17. January 2018

Cast-Blast 2018 – the Star Trek podcast live at FedCon.

The Nerdizisten have called and the Republic’s Star Trek podcasts are coming. “Live on Stage” we talk about our life as Star Trek fans and the podcasts in particular. Your chance to meet the voices behind your favorite podcasts live. Among the participants are:

  • Federation Cast
  • Trek am Dienstag
  • Radio Star Trek
  • Discovery Panel
  • Planet Trek fm
  • and of cournse Trek Nerds

We look forward to seeing you.

What is a podcast?

The word “Podcast” has its origin in the internet. It consists of POD and CAST. POD comes from “iPod” – this is a certain portable audio player for music data, an “MP3 player”. CAST is a part of the word “Broadcast”, the English word for “broadcast”. In other words, Podcast is a kind of “broadcast for MP3 players” or “radio to go”.

Lecturer: Chris and Michael, Trek Nerds
Duration: 45-60 min  -  The Lecture will be held in: german
A nerd (originally for "moron") is nowadays a colloquial term for a social stereotype that stands for people interested in comics, science fiction and games - or as we say Nerdizisten. In our podcast we chat in varying line-ups, mostly well-founded, but always wildly speculating about nerdige things like cosplay, movies, series, comics, games and above all Star Wars. Occasionally we invite experts and guests to visit us.

As a podcast for nerd topics we have been active and present online since the end of 2014 under, as well as on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. In 6 podcast formats with more than 100 episodes to date, Chris, Anja, Michael and Jörg will be discussing with numerous guests, including the Grimme prize winners Tommy Krappweis and Holger Kreymeier, the cosplayers Liechee Cosplay & Lightning Cosplay and the game expert Andreas Garbe from ZDF, vividly and passionately about everything that touches nerds. From Star Wars to Star Trek, from DC to Marvel, from Cosplay to Games, Nerdizisten talk themselves into the heart of the German nerd community.

Sources & additional links for Cast-Blast Star Trek:

Website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube

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