William Shatner | FEDCON
Robin Curtis
28. September 2015
James Morrison
13. October 2015
We are thrilled that it worked out and we hope you are as excited as we are. William Shatner has just now confirmed his appearance at FedCon 25 in Bonn, Germany.

I also derive a great deal of pleasure from horses and dogs ... the ocean ... and love

A man who once said those words, is surely someone who knows how to enjoy life with all its blessings. William Alan Shatner, born in Montréal on March 22, 1931, seems to find comfort in little things – something which is really rare among famous and successful people.

Shatners passion for acting began rather early. He was trained as a classical Shakespearean actor and played various roles at the Stratford Festival of Canada, where he was called one of its most promising actors. He also could be seen on Broadway, for example on The Canadian Doody Show in 1956. Two years later, his first feature film followed: The Brothers Karamazov, in which he played Alexei, the youngest of the brothers. Numerous roles followed – some smaller ones, but also appearances in Alfred Hitchcock Presents.

In the 1960s, working as an actor wasn't easy for William Shatner. He began doing smaller roles. But as his motto was „work equals work“, he didn't see it as a lean period.

In 1965, the big break-through happened, when Shatner was cast as Captain James Tiberius Kirk for Star Trek: The Original Series. To this day, people from all over the world know his name because of this role he played from 1966 to 1969. After that period, several Star Trek Movies were made. Shatner worked on six more Star Trek Movies, the last one being Generations in 1994.

In the years following Star Trek, Shatner knew how to keep himself busy. Being the well-known and recognizable person that he is, he was also asked to do commercials and advertisements for a lot of companies and products. One of the most rememberable ones surely being the TV spot for World of Warcraft. Having developed a liking to Science Fiction, Shatner also wrote a series of novels called TekWar, which was, because of its popularity, even turned into a Marvel Comics Series.

But also his acting career continued to be successful. In the last season of the legal drama The Practice, Shatner could be seen as attorney Denny Crane – about whom once was said that it is essentially „William Shatner the man . . . playing William Shatner the character playing the character Denny Crane, who was playing the character William Shatner." Being rather successful in playing this role, Shatner took Crane to the new series Boston Legal and even won a Golden Globe and an Emmy in 2005. For the following four years, he was again nominated. The series ended in 2008 and Shatner played Crane until the last episode! Another series followed: $#*! My Dad Says, based on the Twitter account of Justin Halpern. After only one year of production, the show unfortunately had to be cancelled in May 2011.

After all these years and numerous other, successful series, Shatner remains faithful to Star Trek. In 2011 he decided to film a documentary called The Captains, which showed him and the other Star Trek Captains, as well as Chris Pine who portrayed Kirk in the 2009 Movie Star Trek, Star Trek Into Darkness and Star Trek Beyond.

William Shatners popularity is noticeable beyond the borders of Star Trek – hence he was given a star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame, as well as on the Canadian Walk of Fame!

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