Manu Intiraymi | FEDCON
Julie Benz
31. July 2015
FEDCON 25 | Terry Farrell
Terry Farrell
27. August 2015
At FedCon 24, he talked, among other topics, about his Q&A sessions. Let’s look forward to a repetition, because Manu Intiraymi is coming back, to our big anniversary convention, FedCon 25.

Some people are just born to be actors. Manu Intiraymi is one of them. When he was only four years old, he saw a production of Peter Pan and immediately knew that he wanted to become an actor. And with a name like that, it would be a shame not to, right? The Incan God of Law (Manu) and he Incan God of the Sun (Intiraymi) are his name patrons.

Born on April 22nd 1978 in Santa Cruz, California, Manu spent most of his childhood traveling with his parents. His acting career began with his training at the Howard Fine Studio and Playhouse West, soon leading to his first roles at the theatre, including lead roles in Waiting for Godot, Marvin's Room, and The Wizard of Oz. His movie debut was in the film Senseless.

Guest appearances in a vast number of TV shows followed, such as Sabrina, the Teenage Witch, Las Vegas, 24, King of Queens and Pacific Blue. And then there's of course Icheb, the role that made him a part of the Star Trek world. His work as the young Borg began in 2000 and was soon turned into a recurring role. And a role he seems to have gotten attached to, as he has reprised it in Star Trek: Renegades, which has been shown at FedCon 24 for the first time.

Despite being really busy with a lot of movies coming up, including the Science Fiction horror 5th Passenger, Manu has made time to come to Bonn! He has been to four FedCons before and always been one of the audience's favorites. His easygoing personality and humorous panels are certain highlights and you should definitely make sure not to miss them!

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