Dr. Matt Taylor | FEDCON
Mark McCaughrean
11. April 2016
At FedCon 25 Dr Matt Taylor will give an overview of the entire Rosetta mission, an update what is in store for the end of the mission in 2016 and why Rosetta rocks!

Dr Matt Taylor was born in London, and from watching Star Wars, Buck Rogers, Star Trek and playing computer games like Elite was fascinated by science fiction. His approach to getting involved in science fiction was to do science fact! He gained his undergraduate Physics degree at the University of Liverpool, and a PhD from Imperial College London. His career has focused on the space plasma measurements, working in Europe and the US on the four spacecraft ESA Cluster mission, leading to a post at ESA, which started in 2005, working as the Project Scientist for Cluster and the ESA-China Double star mission.
Most recently, in 2013, he was appointed the Project Scientist on the comet chasing Rosetta mission, which has all the elements of a science fiction heavy metal epic.

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