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What is FedCon?

Conventions with passion - and you right in the middle of it
Since 1992, Augsburg-based FedCon GmbH has stood for extraordinary SF and fantasy events. With a lot of heart and soul, passion and experience, the creative team behind the scenes always brings new fantastic con worlds to life, into which you can immerse yourself.

Enjoy the fascinating togetherness of the fan community and experience unforgettable hours together with like-minded people in a pleasant atmosphere. From a relaxed breakfast at the convention hotel, a varied program with your favourite stars and a lot of "from fans for fans" action, to exuberant after-show parties - enjoy the very special magic of a large and unique "Con Family". Indeed magical moments... perfectly created for unique memories of unforgettable event experiences.

Welcome to your convention world, welcome to us!

Your FedCon GmbH team

The whole world of science fiction!

What is a convention?
You're looking for the place where Captain Kirk and Luke Skywalker say good night? Or how do you do?

It may sound unlikely, but there is such a place or event. Once a year all borders in the science fiction universe are lifted, nothing is impossible.

FedCon - Meet your science fiction stars. A success story for 24 years now. Started as pure Star Trek convention all common fandoms are represented - from Star Wars, over Stargate, Firefly, Doctor Who, Torchwood and Battlestar Galactica...

... and there are more and more!

What is a convention?
But what else is FedCon? What do you do there, what is there to experience?

Many visitors see them as one thing above all: The possibility to meet like-minded people, to exchange ideas, to live out our common hobby.

This starts with numerous shopping opportunities in the so-called dealer room, where you can buy what your heart desires. It continues with workshops, exhibitions, fan campaigns, parties...

... there are no limits to your imagination.

What is a convention?
Special highlight however, that is undisputed: The Guest Stars!

In the past 20 years everything that has rank and name has been present at least once at FedCon, answered the questions of the fans and gave autographs. Every year, new, great stars are selected and the mix put together that should satisfy everyone, as it covers all fandoms equally.

We were allowed to William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, Nichelle Nichols, Richard Dean Anderson, Dirk Benedict, Kate Mulgrew, Jonathan Frakes, Edward James Olmos, Summer Glau, Brent Spiner and many others more welcome us and keep trying to improve!

What is a convention?
Nowhere else do you have the opportunity to get autographs from the stars personally, to get signed on your favourite pieces, to have a short chat. An absolute highlight are also the photo sessions - a personal photo with your favourite actor as a reminder of an unforgettable weekend!

Some of our star guests like to mingle with the visitors during the day or at the parties and are happy to have personal contact with the fans! Many of them are already visible at breakfast in the hotel, so it is worth getting up early!

FedCon is an event by fans for fans. That makes them special. Because you can feel the joy of the organizers and volunteers in every little bit. That's what makes it special and hopefully captures you as much as it captures us!

We would be happy to welcome you at FedCon and guarantee that your first visit will not be the last! Because anyone who has ever been to FedCon will come back!

What is a convention?
What is a convention anyway? To explain this to you, we have created a convention brochure, which you can download here as a PDF file. (Adobe Reader required)

Click on the picture to download the PDF (4,7 MB)

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