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FedCon 26 | Special Guest | Helios Models and Lightning
Helios Models & Lighting
1. Mai 2017
FedCon 26 | Special Guests | ESA goes FedCon
7. Mai 2017
Steve Dix ist zurück auf der FedCon 26 - genießt seine Show in Bonn.

"Stand By For Action!!"

In the 1960's to the 1970's in the UK, Gerry Anderson produced an incredible line of science-fiction TV programmes that kept the youth of the nation excited and enthralled. Starting with crude marionettes, he applied electronics and space-age materials to create advanced puppetry techniques that he termed "Supermarionation". Gerry and his then-wife Sylvia were inspired by a mining disaster to create "Thunderbirds", a story about a secret organisation, named "International Rescue", that used its advanced technology to rescue the victims of disaster. He went on to produce live-action SFTV favourites "UFO" and "Space:1999".

Steve Dix is here to guide you through the history of Gerry Anderson productions, including his masterwork, "Thunderbirds".

Anything can happen in the next hour.

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