Co-Master of Ceremonies: Nessi

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Master of Ceremonies: Steffen Volkmer
8. May 2019
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21. May 2019
FedCon 28 | News | Co-Master of Ceremonies

FedCon 28 | News | Co-Master of Ceremonies

After a short stage break Nessi returns to the limelight of FedCon. Together with Steffen Volkmer she will take over the co-moderation and can be seen on one of the stages from time to time.

Longtime FedCon-goers should know Nessi. She has been part of it continuously since 1996. If you don’t know Nessi yet, just google “Bernd das Brot – Nerd-Nachtschleife” and look out for the wood elf with grace 15.

In the last 30 years Nessi could gain some experience in the (amateur) stage/film and television range, is since scarcely 7 years as ?technical line? on route with Germany’s most successful Dinnershow format and celebrated recently the 500th show.

As always, Nessi is looking forward to welcoming you on stage. Bring good questions for the panels, have fun and celebrate our favourite hobby at FedCon!

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