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16. September 2020
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Captain Norad returns! 

In 1971, acting legend Sean Connery once said he would “never again” play James Bond. 12 years later, he filmed Never Say Never Again … as James Bond …

In 1999, Robert Amper once said even more consistently “That’s it now with Captain Norad”. More than 20 years later it is now “Norad is back – H6”.

Why Captain Norad now steps on the bridge of the USS HIGHLANDER for the last time is a story of its own, but worth reading.

A good friend and agent Sonja (PR & Event Systems) asked Amper if he would like to shoot a short “Starship Highlander” video for the anniversary FedCon. In the course of the conversation “something small” of two to three minutes, over 10 to 12 minutes, developed into a new film. The decision was made – it will be “H6”.

And now – say “better never never” … – this very sixth part comes in an exclusive premiere on the screen of FedCon 29 in Bonn with the title:

  • Norad

Exclusively on FedCon 29, the premiere of the new “Spaceship Highlander” movie “H6”, Robert Amper as guest and a creative “Spaceship Highlander” room with exhibits, costumes, props from the movie, some interesting surprises and much more. Let yourself be surprised what “Spaceship Highlander” has “on board” this time …

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