FedCon 29 | Specials | Trailer Battle | mit Claudia und Steffen
Trailer Battle!
25. January 2020
FedCon 29 | Specials | German Base Yavin
German Base Yavin
11. March 2020
FedCon 29 | Specials | LED Saberfighting

FedCon 29 | Specials | LED Saberfighting

LED Saberfighting or lightsaber fencing has been an officially recognized sport in France since February 2019. But also in Germany the interest in the “full contact lightsaberfighting” is growing and the STAUFERLÖWEN SABER ONE are one of the few groups, which practice this sport in Germany.

As the only German charter of the TSL (The Saber Legion), the stage and show fighting group STAUFERLÖWEN SABER ONE, besides other (sword) fighting sports, is practicing this new sport with the aim to inspire more and more people.

Fast full contact action meets Star Wars nerd fiction when the athletes swing the lightsabers in their martial and creative body armour and fencing masks.

At FedCon 29 we will explain the origins of the sport and let the spectators reach for the lightsaber themselves …

Lecturer: Mark 'Kemosabe' Wamsler
Duration: 20 min  -  The Lecture will be held in: german
The stage and show fighting group STAUFERLÖWEN SABER ONE is one of the groups of the Staufersaga Verein and has specialized in lightsaber fencing and the staging and presentation of show fights that are as brutal as they are dynamic.

As the only German charter of the TSL it is their concern to spread the LED Saberfighting also in Germany, in order to be able to organize tournaments in the near future after French and American model.

In addition to events such as Comic Cons, the Gamescom and cinema premieres, the STAUFERLÖWEN also appear at museum inaugurations and choreograph fight scenes for theatre productions such as currently DIE PÄPSTIN.

Furthermore, the STAUFERLÖWEN are committed to the Animal Welfare Association and the DKMS.

Sources & additional links for LED Saberfighting:

Website (Stauferlöwen) Website (The Saber Legion)


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