FedCon 29 | Vortrag | Das 2082-Projekt -HOTHOUSE- | by Harald Kaup
Das 2082-Projekt -HOTHOUSE-
23. November 2019
FedCon 29 | Vortrag | The Holodeck Comedy Show | by Steve Dix

FedCon 29 | Vortrag | The Holodeck Comedy Show | by Steve Dix

Enjoy a full hour of 21st-century english-language comedy in the surroundings of Charnock’s Comedy Cabaret, with an authentically-programmed simulation of Steve Dix: Germany’s only science-fiction comedian.  Steve is a carefully-researched holographic character from the former country named “Great Britain”, which collapsed shortly after Brexit, and was sold to Donald Trump to be converted into a theme park, shortly before Donald Trump himself was sold to be converted into sausages due to the famines caused by the Eugenics wars.  Steve will take you on a tour of time, space, the toilets of the Death Star, The Outer Limits, and the Souvenir shop of the Twilight Zone.

You’ll learn at FedCon 29 why Captain Kirk gets fatter, why Stormtroopers can’t shoot straight and why Jean-Luc Picard is the most English-sounding frenchman in the galaxy .

Lecturer: Steven Dix
Duration: 60 min  -  The Lecture will be held in: english
Steve Dix is Germany's only science fiction comedian. He grew up with Star Trek, Star Wars and Dr. Who and everything he learned he learned thanks to science fiction. Steve is a semi-professional stand-up comedian who lives in Cologne and has been active in the German comedy scene since 2005. He was seen several times at the "Kölner Comedy Fest" and at "Nightwash". He has performed in the Netherlands, Germany, Austria and Great Britain.

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