FedCon 29 | Vortrag | Es lebe Captain Future | by Reinhard Prahl & Thorsten Walch
Es lebe Captain Future
1. February 2020
FedCon 29 | Vortrag | Star Trek-Chronik: Die NX-01 | by Sülter, Prahl & Walch
Star Trek-Chronik: Die NX-01
13. February 2020
FedCon 29 | Vortrag | Mapping the Milky Way | by Kevin Jardine

FedCon 29 | Vortrag | Mapping the Milky Way | by Kevin Jardine

The European Space Agency’s Gaia satellite has released data that makes it possible to compute distances to more than a billion stars. This allows the production of real, detailed and accurate maps of our home galaxy for the first time. Galactic cartographer Kevin Jardine will present in his lecture at FedCon 29 some maps of the solar neighbourhood and the larger galaxy including star density, dust, clusters and more, describe how they were created and discuss their relevance for games and science fiction.

Lecturer: Kevin Jardine
Duration: 60 min  -  The Lecture will be held in: english
Kevin Jardine has been producing maps of the Milky Way for more than 20 years and has worked closely with Gaia Mission scientists to visualize their latest data. He has degrees in pure mathematics and computer science and is an expert in visualizing large data sets.

Sources & additional links for Mapping the Milky Way:

Website, Map sample, Map sample


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