FedCon 27 | Stargast | Kandyse McClure
Kandyse McClure
28. July 2017
FedCon 27 | Stargast | Katee Sackhoff
Katee Sackhoff
16. August 2017
FedCon 27 | Stargast | Michael Hogan

FedCon 27 | Stargast | Michael Hogan

The best things come in threes. Michael Hogan, known as Colonel Saul Tigh from Battlestar Galactica, is coming to FedCon 27 to Bonn.

Everybody knows the XO, Colonel Saul Tigh, of the Battlestar Galactica! Hogan has well over a hundred film TV and audio credits to his name. The terrifying werewolf killer, Grandpa Gerrard Argent on MTV’s Teen Wolf, General Slade Wilson/Deathstroke on Smallville, Sean Barlow on The Mentalist, General Donovan on Falling Skies. As a voice actor, some video games are The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim as General Tullius, Fallout: New Vegas as Doc Mitchell, Mass Effect 2 & 3 as Captain/Commander Bailey. He and his wife, Susan Hogan, (Captain Doyle Franks on BSG) met and married while attending the National Theatre School of Canada in the late sixties. They have graced stages and screens, together and separately ever since.

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