Meet K.I.T.T. at FedCon 26
18. May 2017
FedCon 27 | Stargast | Aaron Douglas
Aaron Douglas
20. July 2017
FedCon 27 | Sonstige News | Ticket-, Autogramm- und Fotosession-Preise

FedCon 27 | Sonstige News | Ticket-, Autogramm- und Fotosession-Preise

Since we have often been asked in the past, where the prices are to be found, we have now set up this site. Here you will find all prices for the upcoming FedCon in one place.

Autographs and photosession vouchers are always entered and published, after a guest star has been announced – but since the prices are not always yet fixed at this time, it can also take a little longer. From some guests, you can order the autograph and photosession vouchers both directly from our Ticket-Shop in advance and at the convention – but other tickets are available from only at the event.

Times of the photosessions are indicated with the publication of our program, since the slots can usually only be planned at a time when the schedule is almost full.

FedCon Starguest Autographs Photo ops Meet & Greet
BSG Reunion Specials 350 Eur 450 Eur  
Aaron Douglas 25 Eur 30 Eur  
Alessandro Juliani 30 Eur 35 Eur  
Brent Spiner 60 Eur 70 Eur  
Cliff Simon 20 Eur 25 Eur  
Daphne Zuniga 25 Eur 30 Eur  
Edward James Olmos 35 Eur 40 Eur  
Grace Park 50 Eur 55 Eur  
James Callis 25 Eur 30 Eur  
Jamie Bamber 30 Eur 35 Eur  
Jason Isaacs 60 Eur 60 Eur  
John de Lancie tba 35 Eur  
Jonathan Frakes 40 Eur 50 Eur  
Kandyse McClure 25 Eur 30 Eur  
Karl Urban 60 Eur 70 Eur  
Katee Sackhoff 40 Eur 45 Eur  
Mary McDonnell 40 Eur 45 Eur  
Michael Hogan 25 Eur 30 Eur  
Michael Trucco 25 Eur 30 Eur  
Rekha Sharma 25 Eur 30 Eur  
Robert Picardo tba 30 Eur  
Tahmoh Penikett 25 Eur 30 Eur  
Tricia Helfer 30 Eur 40 Eur  
Zach Galligan 25 Eur 30 Eur