24. January 2018
FedCon 27 | Lesung | Björn Sülter: Es lebe Star Trek!

Es lebe Star Trek!

In his reading Es lebe Star Trek! (Long life Star Trek!), Björn Sülter will present selected passages from his new book of the same name at […]
23. January 2018
FedCon 27 | Stargast | Zach Galligan

Zach Galligan

With Zach Galligan, we welcome an absolute expert at FedCon 2018 for the correct keeping of alien pets. In the role of Billy Peltzer, he starred […]
17. January 2018
FedCon 27 | Vortrag | Die Wächter von Aquaterra

Die Wächter von Aquaterra

Christian Humberg reads Die Wächter von Aquaterra (The Guardians of Aquaterra) The year 2100. Earth has been accepted into the galactic community. The artificial island of […]
17. January 2018
FedCon 27 | Workshop | Für Star Trek schreiben

Write for Star Trek

How do you write a Star Trek novel? Which rules (stylistically, legally, technically) are to be observed, which traps to avoid? On the occasion of the […]
17. January 2018
FedCon 27 | Vortrag | Cast-Blast Star Trek

Cast-Blast Star Trek

Cast-Blast 2018 – the Star Trek podcast live at FedCon. The Nerdizisten have called and the Republic’s Star Trek podcasts are coming. “Live on Stage” we […]
17. January 2018
FedCon 27 | Vortrag | Sherlock trifft Akte X

Sherlock meets The X-Files

Let’s face it, Cumberbitches: There was something going on! Sherlock and Irene Adler didn’t just hold hands, did they? What would happen if the famous detective […]
16. January 2018
FedCon 27 | Specials | Startrooper Germany Cosplay

Startrooper Germany

The universe… …this is the distress signal of the “U. S. S. FedCon” – official troop carrier of Startrooper Germany. We were attacked by the Borg. […]
15. January 2018
FedCon 27 | Vortrag | Nerd-Quiz Sci-Fi-Edition

Nerd-Quiz Sci-Fi-Edition

Nerdy questions and nerdy heads! Nerdizismus is back and playing its famous Nerd-Quiz. Stars and fans test their knowledge in 5 tricky rounds with questions, audio […]
12. January 2018
FedCon 2018 | Exklusiver BSG-Reunion Gruppen-Photoshoot

BSG Reunion Group Photo Shoot

With the big “BSG Reunion Group Photo Shoot” FedCon 2018 offers you another unique opportunity (see also our “BSG Reunion Autograph Package”) to crown the 40th […]
12. January 2018
FedCon 2018 | Exklusives BSG-Reunion Autogrammpaket

BSG Reunion Autograph Package

On the occasion of the 40th anniversary of Battlestar Galactica‘s 40th anniversary, FedCon 2018 offers you an extremely exclusive collector’s special with the “BSG Reunion Autograph […]